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Women have to do it all. You juggle many responsibilities in the air at the same time regardless of your stage in life. We work with you to give you the services, products and tools you need to meet your various goals - organization, saving, retirement, education savings, budget review, sanity!

Business owners:

Are you concerned about retirement? Call or email me. I'll show you how to set up a simple plan to get you on your way.

Interested in protecting your business? It's very easy to make sure your hard work, your property (equipment, building...), your personnel and your income stream will be protected. Let me show you how.


Would you like to know how to stay healthy? Well, I’m not a nutritionist but I can help you out when something goes awry (sickness, injury, complication...). We have cost effective plans that provide comprehensive medical benefits.


We have plans that provide Disability Income. This is an imperative plan to protect your income-earning ability. Who will pay the bills when there is no income because of a disability (injury or sickness)? No income (or less income) does not stop monthly bills and expenses from coming. They just keep coming. Protect yourself with a Disability Income policy. Give us a call, 301-262-2600.


Do you like to travel? Call me to plan your next getaway debt free! Find out how to travel and not have remorse the following month because of the money spent that was outside your budget.


Are you certain you and your family will have adequate retirement savings? Whether you're a career woman or a homemaker, you can put away money for retirement. Let me show you how. You'll be glad you did.

Do you want to make sure your family's standard of living continues even after you or your husband passes away? I can solve that problem for you and give you peace of mind.

Is paying the mortgage important? We have plans to help pay your mortgage in the case of a disability.

Do you have children and want to save money for your children's education? Education is both necessary AND expensive. I'll show you how to take some of the bite out of the college tuition bills.

Single Mothers:

Do you want to save money for your children's education? Education is both necessary AND expensive. I'll show you how to take some of the bite out of the college tuition bills.

Do you want to wisely save for retirement whether you have limited funds or plenty? There are basic plans available to help you meet your retirement funding goals. There are some things you really should be doing. Let's talk about it.

Do you want to make sure your child(ren) has a chance at a successful life even if you pass away prematurely? I can help you plan for that.

Is your income important to you? If your income stopped (or decreased), how would you pay your bills? See me so we can talk about protecting your income.

Single Women:

Is saving money important to you? Whether it's for travel or retirement, we have the right plans for you. Make your money work for you. I can show you how.

Do you own or rent? In either case, you need protection for your possessions: home and/or contents - clothing (those nice purses and shoes...), furniture, jewelry, computers, art, electronics, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Who pays your bills? If you pay your bills, you need protection for your income. If your income stops or decreases due to an injury or sickness, we can provide a check to you to help you continue to pay your bills. Secure this peace of mind. Call me today.

Do you like discounts? Of course you do. We offer multiple discounts that save clients hundreds of dollars every year.