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18 - 25: Sprinting

Fresh out the gate, livin' life fast!

At this Leg of the race, everything moves fast. You're enjoying life and trying to have as much fun as you can. Here are some areas you may be interested in to help you during your sprint.

On the go? We provide many online services for your convenience so you can maximize your time.

  • Apply and sign online.

  • Access your accounts online.

  • Make payments online.
  • Call my office and make payments over the phone.
  • Email us with questions.

We'd love to see you but if you choose to conduct some business online or over the phone we give you the option to do that.

Want to "live" and "save"? I know you want to have fun AND enjoy your money while still saving for tomorrow.

  • Stop having to choose between hanging with friends and saving for bills.
  • I can show you how to do both - LIVE and SAVE!
  • Let's discuss a quick and easy system that will allow you to enjoy your
    life today while not forgetting about your life tomorrow.

Looking for BIG AUTO INSURANCE DISCOUNTS? We offer several large discounts that save hundreds of dollars on auto insurance premiums.

  • We also offer large special discounts available for young drivers.
  • Young drivers can own their own policy!
  • Various discounts include: accident free, safe driver, multi car, multi-policy, forgiven accident.
  • We can write anyone.
  • Small down payments too!

Great discounts, independence, flexibility and awesome service are what we provide.

Want multiple and stacking discounts? We offer larger (and more) discounts when you have more than one plan with us. Ask if you qualify.

  • Get a "twofer." Two policies often cost less than one policy!
  • Sometimes three policies cost the same as (or less than) two policies!
  • Increase your discounts as you add more plans. You need the coverage anyway. Why not get a discount for it?
  • Take advantage of our generosity!

Do you want a personal touch? Email us anytime. We’re available for you.

  • Email Contact Form.
  • Also, check me out on Facebook. Let's chat.
  • Of course you can always do it the traditional way - call the office at 301-262-2600 or visit us. It's your choice.

Renting right now? That's ok. We can help you protect your stuff - clothes, computers, TVs, stereo, CDs, DVDs, furniture, dishes, books, rugs, art, jewelry, etc.

  • Your landlord doesn't cover your property (fire, theft, etc.).
  • Liability coverage is built into the policy too. Protect yourself from lawsuits.
  • We can get you covered for as little as $9 per month!
  • If you have auto insurance with us your net cost will likely be $0!

Do you have a Roth IRA? Let's talk about it.

  • It is a great plan for most people.
  • Start early. More time saving means more time to grow your money.
  • "Plan" to retire in comfort. Save now. You'll be glad you did.

  • Ask me how to start one for you so it may grow to $1 million by age 65!