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Burley Enterprises Athlete Management

Burley Enterprises Athlete Management

Where the Focus is on YOU!

Each athlete is different. At Burley Enterprises Athlete Management (B.E.A.M.), we recognize that and work to highlight advantageous differences/distinctions. This firm has connections with dozens of key people in the sports arena – GMs, Scouts, and Coaches. Being an NBPA Certified Agent and FIBA Certified Agent allows us to market professional basketball players to NBA teams, G League teams, and Overseas teams. More exposure means more avenues of opportunity. Get in front of us and we can get you in front of dozens of decision makers. We shine a light on the athlete’s needs, skills, and abilities. We stay focused on making sure our clients’ best interests are always at the center of everything we do for them. The B.E.A.M. Team (or Team B.E.A.M.) is the best team!

In addition to seeking to negotiate a great contract for our athletes, we believe the implementation of wise and practical advice is integral to an athlete’s success on and off the field or court. The contract is one piece of the total picture. It is a big piece but it is not the only piece. Many stop at the contract but at Burley Enterprises Athlete Management, we start a comprehensive plan before the contract is signed and continue the plan through subsequent contracts and retirement for the athlete.

Each client receives loyalty and honesty from this firm. There will be many “Yes Men” and “Yes Women” in athletes’ lives but there is a strong need to keep people in the athlete’s circle who will provide advice that is in the best interest of the athlete instead of advice that is in the best interest of the person giving that advice. When a client is “enabled” and “encouraged” by others to make poor decisions, the client is actually “disabled” from achieving his maximum potential and people are often “discouraged” from wanting to deal with the athlete. At B.E.A.M., each athlete will be encouraged to make wise decisions and display a good IMAGE so the athlete will be able to say I'M AGood Example! 

This firm will diligently represent its athlete clients by focusing on a four-corner strategy: conduct optimal Contract negotiations, seek Endorsement opportunities, implement short-term and long-term strategic and comprehensive Planning, and advocate a clean Image (the Athlete CIA - Character, Impression, Attitude). 

The EPIC focus and EPIC standard at B.E.A.M. includes:

Endorsements – increase your income stream and future opportunities.
Planning – short-term and long-term strategic planning during and after athletics.
Image – manage and keep it clean to open more doors.
Contract – maximize current and future contracts.

We maintain genuine relationships with our clients - caring, protecting, advising, encouraging, down to earth, accessible. Our client-based philosophy encompasses comprehensive short-term and long-term planning for athletes' lives before, during, and after their athletic careers so we like to keep a close connection with them. We enjoy serving our current athletes and look forward to working with new athletes all the time.

Become a part of the B.E.A.M. Team (or Team B.E.A.M.)! We would love to hear from you and/or represent you. Make a referral – parent, son, daughter, relative, coach, friend, church member, cohort, student, etc. The next star athlete may be in your proximity. Let us shine a light on him/her and explore the possibilities.

Let us know if we can help you or someone you know. Connect with us from our Contact Us page.